Summer Garden Herb

Summer Garden Herb

It could be any season, any time of the year, and all any of us can think of is Summer. And why not? Summer is the most exciting season — travel, great weather, and plenty of time off with friends and family.

It’s no wonder, then, that we’re always trying to recreate those feelings of summer. As I write this, the Betta Bakes headquarters is seeing cold, rainy conditions. Personally, we can’t wait until June hits and the outdoor markets start again!

That brings us to the newest addition to the Betta Bakes family: Summer Garden Herb. If there was ever a snack that emulates the essence of Summer, it’s this delicious gluten-free crisp! From a light snack to a dinner pairing, Summer Garden Herb hosts incredible versatility while highlighting everyone’s favorite season. 

While it is our newest addition, Summer Garden Herb has found a quick following in the gluten-free snack space, and for good reason. 

Summer Garden Herb starts with our base gluten-free flour blend of sorghum, white rice, brown rice, and oat. The deliciousness starts with a unique herb blend baked right into the crisp for freshness you can taste! 

Our team is proud to maintain a great relationship with the team at Sanctuary Herbs, a Rhode Island-based team specializing in chemical-free herbs and spices. They help with our unique herb blend that combines chive, dill, sweet basil, and calendula


Make no mistake: if it’s summer you’re craving, Summer Garden Herb Gluten-Free Crisps are a must-have for any time of year. 

In person markets start in May! Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram accounts for future dates. 

Gluten-free the way it should be. Try it today!

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